We're bragging about Rockford area kids whenever they do things at school that make you proud, and this month twins from Flinn are both getting the recognition.

Rockford Mom Proud of Her "Young Men"

We received this nomination letter from Heather Smith sharing her reasons why Logan and Liam deserve to be Dual Junior Geniuses:

Last year transitioning to public middle school from private school was HARD. Their average and below-average grades and behavior told a story last year as they struggled to find their place.

This year they are so mature and smart and respectable. Logan puts the athlete in student-athletes playing football and wrestling while maintaining honor roll. Liam is a sweet mature young man who is always looking out for everyone else while also maintaining honor roll grades and joining the chess and golf team.

I am so proud of the young men I've got and know it's not just "mom pride" because their teachers tell me the same thing. They've dealt with some really unfortunate events in their 12 years already and have shown that nothing can keep them down. Proud doesn't begin to describe how I feel about these boys.

During a surprise visit to Flinn Middle School, we presented Logan and Liam with the Junior Genius Award powered by U.S. Cellular, a jump at Flo Supreme Airsports, Dirty Dough Cookies, and tickets for their entire family to attend the Chicago Bulls game at the United Center in Chicago.

Heather Smith
Heather Smith

Nominate YOUR K-8th Grader for Johnny V's Jr. Genius Award with U.S. Cellular

Has your child done something extra special at school that made you proud?  Did they get an 'A' on their report card, or after studying hard get a perfect score on a quiz?

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Johnny V. wants to know about it so he can brag about your kids, and recognize them as a Junior Genius with awards, gifts, and accolades.

Q98.5 will select one local student between Kindergarten and 8th Grade as Johnny V's Junior Genius, powered by US Cellular.

Johnny's Junior Geniuses are students who work hard in school, who are kind to their fellow students, and who respect and make an impact in their community.

Some of the characteristics of our Junior Geniuses include:

  • intelligence
  • wisdom
  • compassion
  • empathy
  • diligence
  • tenacity
  • respect
  • stewardship
  • good citizenship

All of Johnny V's Junior Genius award winners will receive prizes and gifts from Flow Supreme Air Sports, and Dirty Dough Cookies.


Plus, all Junior Geniuses are invited to co-host a segment of The Ride Home with Johnny V. between 3 pm and 7 pm weekdays on Q98.5.

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