We're awarding a 10-year-old who loves neuroscience, baseball, and volunteering at Buddy Basketball with our Johnny V's Junior Genius Award, powered by U.S. Cellular.

Easton Streed, a 10-year-old who attends Whitman Elementary is a Junior Genius

Here's the nomination we received for Easton from his mom, Sarah Streed:

"Easton is a typical 10-year-old boy when it comes to his favorite hobbies; loving baseball, football, and hanging with his friends. However, when it comes to school his light shines bright. 

Easton is a part of the Advanced Learning Program through Belvidere District 100 and it has taken his love of learning to a new level. He recently just finished a research-based website design project in which he had to extensively research a topic he is interested in. Easton chose neuroscience. He finds the human brain intriguing after an interview his class conducted with a Harvard neuroscience student.

The amount of work and effort Easton gives to his learning is admirable. Outside of school he participated in Buddy Basketball and fell in love with helping others. These are all reasons I think Easton would be a great candidate to be Johnny V’s Junior Genius! Thank you for your consideration!"

Sarah Streed
Sarah Streed

Easton told us he also loved being part of the Buddy Basketball program where he made some great friends, and looks forward to volunteering at Buddy Baseball this summer when he's not playing on his travel baseball team.

LISTEN to Easton's Interview with Johnny V. below:

Sarah Streed
Sarah Streed

10-year-old Easton has 2 sisters and is the son of a Belvidere Science Teacher and a Rockford Police Officer.

As a Johnny V's Junior Genius, Easton and his family will be our special guests at an upcoming Chicago White Sox game, get a jump at Flo Supreme Air Sports, enjoy some Dirty Dough Cookies, and more.

Nominate YOUR K-8th Grader for Johnny V's Jr. Genius Award with U.S. Cellular

Has your child done something extra special at school that made you proud?  Did they get an 'A' on their report card, or after studying hard get a perfect score on a quiz?

Johnny V. wants to know about it so he can brag about your kids, and recognize them as a Junior Genius with awards, gifts, and accolades.

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Q98.5 will select one local student between Kindergarten and 8th Grade as Johnny V's Junior Genius, powered by US Cellular.

Johnny's Junior Geniuses are students who work hard in school, who are kind to their fellow students, and who respect and make an impact in their community.

Some of the characteristics of our Junior Geniuses include:

  • intelligence
  • wisdom
  • compassion
  • empathy
  • diligence
  • tenacity
  • respect
  • stewardship
  • good citizenship

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