For anyone who has lost a pet, you know how emotional it can be if you are lucky enough to be reunited. It happened here in Rockford, on Friday

This is definitely proof that micro chipping and registering your dog is a good idea

With the help of Winnebago County Animal Services, that moment arrived on Friday for Jose who was reunited with his dog, Chaos, he lost two years ago. He has to have the dog stay with a friend.

WREX-TV reports that Jose, who is from Columbus, Wisconsin, lost his best friend when he lost his house due to tough times. Jose was actually living in his vehicle.

This past Wednesday, a Winnebago County Animal Services (WCAS) staffer member found a dog in her driveway. According to WREX:

The worker called her coworkers, and had the dog brought back to the shelter. Luckily, the dog had a tag with a 2014 National Identification Number, according to WCAS. Workers decided to try to contact the person whose information was linked to the number.


Here is the moment that Jose and Chaos were reunited.

This reunion of man and dog will make your weekend.

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