Here's the ultimate Christmas gift for that Chicago Blackhawks fan on your shopping list. Give them a piece of the home ice from the 2015 Stanley Cup victory? Here's how to get some 'ice' of your own.


Chicago Blackhawks Charities will sell limited-editions of the ice from the championship game this Friday, December 11. Remember, this ice is from the Blackhawks first championship on home ice in 77 years so this gift would be legendary and a rather rare gift. Not to mention probably go fast.

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images

Vials and cubes of the precious ice will be sold at the Blackhawks Stores on Michigan Ave, Oakbrook Center and Old Orchard Mall. They will also be available for purchase at the United Center Blackhawks Store location.

A vial costs $99.00 and the cubes sell for $49.00 per cube, according to the Chicago Blackhawks.

The vials will contain a leather display box engraved with the Hawks logo, a glass vial, and of course, a certificate of authenticity.

The cubes will come in a box with the logo.

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images

If you try and cannot get them in person this Friday, there will be a limited amount available through phone orders. Get the number here.

Here's the best part. Proceeds will benefit the Blackhawks Charities, which supports programs in Illinois focusing on health, wellness, education and housing in the area.

This truly is a gift that will keep on giving.