At Rockford Airfest this past weekend, one of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels lost part of its wing during Saturday's Rockford AirFest air show. Here's what the pilot did.

Rockford Airfest
2015 in Rockford, Illinois was extremely successful with over 140,000 people in attendance this year at the Chicago-Rockford International Airport. It's what happened behind the scenes that could have been changed the success of the event.

Justin Sullivan, Getty images

According to the website Airshow Stuff, Blue Angel #5 lost the leading edge flap of its left wing during the performance. It's pilot finished the maneuver, landed, jumped into a backup jet and took off to finish the show. No one was reported harmed due to the damaged wing.

The outer portion of the leading edge flap on the left wing went missing some time before or during the Line Abreast Loop. The flap is an aircraft control surface that helps the wing maintain lift at high angles of attack.

It proves how professional and well trained the pilots of the U.S.Navy are to handle any situation that may occur during any show.

Justin Sullivan

It's the second time a piece has fallen off a Blue Angels jet in three weeks.

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