An aide to Illinois' former Governor, Rod Blagojevich, has written a book. He devoted a few pages in his writings to share what it was like working for the former governor.

However, the pages that highlight that time do not paint our former governor in a very good light.

ABC7 shares that Bradley Tusk, who was an aide to Gov. Blagojevich for 4 years, recently published a book entitled "The Fixer: My Adventures Saving Startups from Death by Politics".

In his book, he dedicated 20 pages to his years working with Illinois' governor.

He described his time working for Blagojevich as being "bizarre". He also said that they were "incredibly difficult four years because he is not a sane person, I truly believe if he had pled insanity they would have given it to him, the problem is crazy people don't think they are crazy."

Ouch! Well, that's not good.

Tusk, further went on to say that Blagojevich "'was not involved in the budget, he was not involved in policy decisions, legislation, he wasn't involved in operations or anything he did." Basically saying that our former, now convicted, Governor never governed a thing. He had others do it for him, including Tusk.

Bradley stated that Gov. Blagojevich spent "his days at home reading biographies, watching Sports Center and exercising" instead of being at the Thompson Center working on state duties and issues as Illinois' governor.

He even said that there was a time he posed as Blagojevich "on a federal Homeland Security disaster drill conference call with other governors" because the Governor "refused to take the call."

Wow! All this is coming from a guy who worked for four years with this man.

Mr. Tusk did say though, that his time working for Blagojevich gave "him a unique opportunity to learn a great deal about how government works" and "helped him become Uber's first political strategist."

Well, I guess that's good for him. All of his alleged crazy time turned into something positive.

I just wonder what the Blagojevich camp has to say about this?

That will be interesting to see if they respond to this.




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