I love hockey and I love the Blackhawks, but I can't believe this.

They're not favored to win the Stanley Cup this year!

WHAT!!! No, no, no I say to this. That can't be.

NBC Chicago says the website Bovada "released the new Stanley Cup odds Tuesday ahead of the NHL resuming its season.It stated that the Blackhawks are currently a 5-to-1 shot to win the Cup, and while those are tremendously good odds, they aren’t the best in the league."

They say it's the Washington Capitals who deserve the title as their odds are "4-to-1 to make them the favorite to hoist the trophy this summer. " Although Bovada admits that "The Capitals have never won a Stanley Cup, but with Alex Ovechkin and Braden Holtby playing some of the best hockey of their lives, the team has serious aspirations of ending that drought and bringing a title to the nation’s capital."

Hmmmm... I don't know about that. I have my suspicions. I personally think it's a love to hate on the Balckhawks again. Face they are a great team and have proven to be a worthy and formidable opponent in the NHL.

The website and article went on to say that although the Blackhawks aren't favored to win the cup they will however, "they are still the favorites to not only win the Central Division (beating out the Dallas Stars and St. Louis Blues with a 4-to-7 line), but they also are the favorites to win the Western Conference crown, edging out the Los Angeles Kings with 11-to-4 odds of repeating as the conference champion."

Again, I say Hmmm... We'll just see. I think they're predictions are wrong, but time will tell.