Patrick Kane has found himself in a little more than hot water, scaulding actually, with the accusations of sexual assault.

As disheartening as it is to hear about our favorite Blackhawk and three time Stanley Cup winner, here are some thoughts shared by fellow fans on the matter.

The Daily Herald stopped to interview several fans who attended Monday's Blackhawks Training Camp Festival at the United Center to see what they had to say about Patrick Kane.

1. Should Kane have come to training camp?

An overwhelming 88 percent of the 17 fans asked said yes, including every single woman. Most people said Kane, who isn't charged with a crime at this point, should be treated just as you or I would be treated: innocent until proven guilty.

2. When news of the alleged assault was announced, did it dampen the spirit of the Cup win for you over the rest of the summer?

This wasn't as unanimous as the previous question, with 30 percent of respondents (44 percent of women) saying yes or "a little bit."

3. Do you believe fans should be cheering Kane when he's on the ice?

This brought the widest range of responses, with an equal number of men saying yes and no, and 78 percent of the women saying yes.

If they would have asked me those question, here are my answers:

Question 1: Should he attend training?

Me: Absolutely, Patrick Kane should be there. There have been no charges brought forth and we should give him the benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven otherwise.

Question 2: Did the news of the assault dampen my thoughts over the Stanley Cup Win.

Me: No it didn't because this broke afterward. However, it made me apprehensive about the possible fall out that could happen in the aftermath of this scandal and what it could do to the team in the new season.

Question 3: Should fans be cheering Kane on the ice?

Me: Yes, why not? he is a good player and he should be cheered for his athleticism. Give credit where credit is due. right?

Now if you were asked these questions, how would you answer?

As I've been watching this story unfold, I've had a mixture of feelings: sadness, anger and disbelief. My hope is that it isn't true and the accusations are dropped. Honestly, I hope Patrick Kane has learned a lesson from all of this.

If he's found guilty, I will be really disappointed in him. Patrick Kane. You are an awesome hockey player. You play for the best team in the NHL. You, whether you like it or not, ARE a role model. Women are not things that can be taken for your personal pleasure or gain. May you come to realize the error of your ways and feel badly for what you have done.

Time will tell what becomes of this story, but as the forever optimist, I'm hoping for the best for Patrick Kane. I'm just sorry that this black cloud is now hanging over a very talented hockey player.