If you're a Blackhawks fan, I'm sure you heard the news yesterday afternoon.

They traded Brandon Saad to the Blue Jackets.

Many fans are upset to the point of being irate at this.

Brandon Saad is on his way to join Columbus. Although I'm not to happy about the trade, I'm going to trust the organization knows what they're doing. After all they've gotten three cups in six years.

I'm saddened by the news but  I wouldn't go as far to say I'm irate but there are many fans who definitely are just read the tweets in this Sports Mockery article. Woo whee... those are definitely fighting words.

Many thought that Patrick Sharp and/or Brian Bickell were the chosen trades to shed payroll due to salary caps. Those two have been loudly speculated since the winning of the cup and the last cheer of the rally faded from Soldier Field.

Apparently, Saad was due to relieve a lot of bank from the Stanley Cup win and the Blackhawks couldn't afford to match what was coming his way.

Although it's sad to see him go, I'm happy that he can shine somewhere else. So long Saad and thanks for all you did to make the Blackhawks as great as they are.