As a parent, my life revolves around my children. What you are about to hear is a parents worse nightmare. 

17 year old Hallee Sorenson was looking forward to celebrating her 18th birthday around the beginning of July in Portland, Maine. Her mom reserved the bowling alley, bought a cake and ice cream and was hoping for her friends to show up. Then, the unthinkable happened. Not a single person showed up.

Her cousin, Rebecca Lyn, took a photo of Hallee sitting all alone. What makes this so difficult for me is that Hallee is Autistic. I have worked with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities before I came here. The wants and needs are the same for them as it is for us. So, you can imagine the hurt and sadness Hallee felt when no one came to her party.

When her cousin posted the picture and made the post on Facebook, she wanted to make her 19th birthday the best. All she asks is that people send a card to Hallee to wish her a happy birthday. The post blew up! 55,000 people have shared the original post.

If you want to send Hallee a card, here is the address:

Hallee Sorenson
34 Wellesley Way
Bangor, ME 04401

Our sister station in Bangor, ME has some more details on the story.

I want to find a way to spread the word about Autism here locally. Plus, get as many people to sign a card for Hallee so the fine folks of Rockford and the State Line can show they care. Stay tuned...........