I may not be a huge sports fan, but I do appreciate how passionate sports fans can be. I also get a kick out of the huge amounts of smack talk that happens before and after big games, just like what was happening in Green Bay, Wisconsin this past weekend.

Some fans might call this confidence, others might call it cockiness, but either way, it's clever.

FOX 11 News in Green Bay shared a billboard image that Packers fans were treated to last week, one that took a major hit on Seattle Seahawks' Coach Pete Carroll and his love of chewing gum.

The image created by Lamar Advertising features a cartoon-like mouth chewing a big wad of gum with the words; "The gum stops in Green Bay". (See it here).

Good thing the Packers beat the Seahawks last night at Lambeau. I'm guessing eating those words would not have been fun for Lamar Advertising.

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