A warning to you, if you see trees like this, be extra cautious!

You probably noticed the big change in temperature late Thursday afternoon after the icy rain mess that formed on roadways and on trees and vegetation around Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

On Thursday evening, the winds picked up out of the Northwest and temperatures nose dived into the low twenties. As a result, ice on the trees has frozen solid hard and is breaking off when the wind blows through the trees.

The result: rock solid ice chunks are making contact with anyone and anything in their path.

The problem is most noticeable to drivers traveling southbound. The trees on the right hand side of the road, as a result of the high speed winds, are releasing ice chucks on the roadways. It feels like someone is throwing rocks are your vehicle.

Some drivers have reported cracked windshields, and dents on the hoods and roofs of their cars and trucks. In some cases, tree branches have been falling off trees and landing on roadways and on homes.

If you venture out, take extra precautions, especially in rural areas where the wind speed is greater.

Share your photos of ice destruction below.


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