With Christmas and New Years coming up a lot of vacation days will be used up to take time off and enjoy season, family and friends.

Are you thinking about maybe heading somewhere else instead staying home? Check out this list of the best places to go for Christmas.

About.com has a list of six great places to go over the holidays.

1. New York City. Ooh pretty with Rockefeller center the tree, lights and skating. Yeah, I can see that. This year would be perfect because it's so mild and no snow.

2. Chicago. Well yeah it's nice. seeing all the lights on the Michigan Mile, but well that's basically in our backyard. Hmm what's next?

3. Colorado.- well if you like skiing in mild temperatures this would be nice. I'd love to check out those touristy ski towns.

4. Florida. Well that's a given sunny and warm. A nice change of pace from Illinois grey, gloomy skies, but so far we have mild temperatures, not warm but mild.

5. Puerto Rico. Oh yeah, I so want to go here. The cool thing is no passports for this island of paradise because it's ours a U.S. territory.

6. Alaska. Well I guess.?? I'm not a big fan of more snow and cold weather like here in the mid-west, but it would be pretty with all the wilderness I suppose.

Although it's nice to dream about heading out to these places, frankly the best place to be during the holidays is at home with your family, friends and loved ones. I mean am I right or what?

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