If you're not familiar with the recent craze over Stanley Cups, it seemed to take off after a TikTok video went viral.

Stanley Cup Appears to Have Ice Inside After It Burns In a Car Fire

Posted in November 2023, a video by Dani Marie Lettering on TikTok has gotten more than 9 million views after she shows the aftermath of her car fire and when she pulls the Stanley Cup from her vehicle, it sounds like there's still ice inside of it.

After seeing the video, the Stanley company not only sent her a new cup but also bought her a new vehicle. Lettering is now promoting her TikTok page as "Stanley Cup car fire girl."

Pink and Red Stanley Cups Go for Thousands of Dollars

A promotion around "Galentine's Day" with Target and Starbucks took the Stanley Cup craze to a new level, with customers waiting for hours in long lines outside of Target stores to get their hands on the cup.

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Within seconds of them being placed on the floor, all the Stanley Cups would be snatched up, and because they sell out and are a limited edition cup, some are trying to cash in by reselling them online.

Even for an outrageous retail price of $49 for a cup, what's so special about the Stanley? Does it change colors, add flavors, play music? No. It will keep your beverages cold or hot for a long period, but other cups and mugs do that for a much cheaper price.

Cup That Should Go Viral Has Dozens of Flavor Options

If I'm going to spend extra money for a cup or a mug, it has to do something. And I found one that lets you drink water with dozens of different flavors including one that tastes just like Blueberry Kool-Aid.

Have you ever seen the Cirkul?

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

I picked up one for under $20 at Walmart and it came with 2 flavor cartridges that can be adjusted for the amount of flavor to your taste. Some of my favorite flavors have been the Blackberry Burst, Blueberry Grape, and the Blueberry.

The Squeeze Lemonade tasted too much like Pledge, so I wasn't a fan.

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

Since I've gotten the Cirkul, getting my required daily amount of H20 hasn't been a problem. Just like the ad says, water is now my favorite new beverage.

How Much Water Does a Person Need Every Day?

Men need about 104 ounces and Women 72 ounces of water daily, according to Harvard School of Public Health. That's 13 cups a day I need to consume, and when the water tastes like a treat, I look forward to getting my liquids.

What Are the Signature Drinks From Every State?

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