I took to Facebook asking if Beefaroo had the best cheese fries in Rockford.  Some said yes... and most said no.

The comment section was pretty ruthless when it came to giving their opinion on Beefaroo and their most popular menu items.  I realized after 5... 10 comments that there were many other places around the Stateline to find delicious cheese fries.  At this point, I was on the hunt to seek out all these restaurants everybody was talking about.

I picked the top 5 most mentioned restaurants from the comments.  Now, it's time for you to decide if they're ACTUALLY the best 5 places in Rockford to get cheese fries.

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#1: PORTILLO'S - I decided to give Portillo's another try after everybody was saying their cheese fries SMAAACK.  Honestly, I think they are top tier.  12/10 rating by me.

#2: BUDDY'S BURGERS - If you're looking for a "premium" side order of cheese fries, Buddy's Burgers is your best bet. I've only ever ordered their home cut fries and lemme tell you they DO NOT disappoint!

#3: UNCLE NICK'S - It's 2am and you're just leaving the bars downtown.  You stumble along State Street and end up at Uncle Nick's.  I'm guilty of this... one too many times.  Their cheese fries are HEAVEN when you're a little tipsy, amirite?

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#4: CULVER'S - Really?  I've been to Culver's over a thousand times in my life and I don't agree with this.  I love Culver's, especially their butterburgers, but cheese fries?  Maybe if their fries were different I'd enjoy them more, but I'd rate theirs 4/10.

#5: TOM & JERRY'S - Crinkle fries anyone?  According to Google, the Tom & Jerry's in Rockford has a decent rating of 4.1/5.  Not bad!  So that means their cheese fries have to be pretty good, right?!


In the end, it's really up to you whether you think any of these places in Rockford have the best cheese fries.  We all have different taste buds and cravings, this is a given.  All I know is if you put a bowl of fries in front of me and a bucket of cheese, I will not share.  If you want to know my opinion, I think Portillo's is the winner here.  Change my mind!

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