Are you currently house hunting? Do you just so happen to have $1.28 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket?

Then this house on Zillow is the home for you! House hunting is a stressful process of looking at a lot of houses full of options that may or may not have what you’re looking for.

This house, while on the expensive side, probably has everything you're looking for. It's located at 1628 Hidden Creek Lane in Belvidere  and comes with four bedrooms, four bathrooms and 7,600 square feet. Check out this slideshow to get a better feel for everything it brings to the table:

This is a big house with anything and everything one could ask for. At just $1.28 million dollars you can’t go wrong. This would be a perfect house for upcoming parties (especially with the Super Bowl only months away). If you can spare paying roughly $8,000 per month then this is the perfect house for you!

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