Earlier this week there was a report of Beloit's water containing a cancer-causing element, resulting in a public freakout.

In response, a Beloit official says the problem is "being addressed and being taken care of", which is a good thing. However, the timeline makes me question their definition of "being" because of their next comment. This city official may be the person that says "yeah, I left 15 minutes ago" but in reality, they haven't even found their keys yet.

The City hopes to have the problem completely resolved by 2021.

I've never been good with math but 2021 is more than a year down the road. But, he did clarify the water well in question has been shut down. Phew, I bet that helps Beloit residents rest a little easier. If you live in Beloit, I'd recommend buying your water for now. Then again, I'm no expert.

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