The city of Beloit told a man that he cannot keep his therapy geese. Now he's fighting to keep them.

Bob Sparks, according to ABC7 Chicago, is disabled and his flock of geese are what help him get through the day and have a reason to keep living and moving forward. They are his therapy pets.

Now the city of Beloit sent him an order that said he can no longer keep the geese as it's against the city's ordinances. The city allows fowl like chickens but not geese.

Mr. Sparks has a doctor's note stating that's what these geese are for, but the city could overrule the note.

The Sparks family have filed a petition on asking for support form the public in helping Bob keep his geese.

ABCNews reports that "Sparks has gone to the town of Beloit's administrative office to fight the town's request that he remove his geese. The town administrator, Ian Haas said that the city has "provided him with a variance application to make an exception and that once it's filled out and returned it would be passed along to the city's clerk, who would then send notices to Sparks' neighbors to find out if they support him keeping the fowl."

Geeze all those hoops to jump through just to keep his therapy geese that mind you, Bob has had for a few years now, yet he's supposed to get rid of them withing 10 days. Wow! Not cool Beloit, Not cool at all.

Why is is necessary now to get rid of them? Honestly, I'm shaking my head.


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