Valentine's Day has this stereotype that it's a day for couples, when in reality, it's about way more than that! It's a day to celebrate all things LOVE.

So spread some love to some Stateline grandparents this Valentine's season. Glitz and Go in Beloit needs your help sending some smiles this year. It’s a program to help bring joy to senior citizens.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a lot of grandparents haven't been able to see their family or friends in months. But it's Valentine's Day, and that means it's time to spread the love to those who need it a little extra.

Divinity Pulliam, the manager of Glitz and Go told WTVO just how much a small gesture can mean to someone -

It’s like a ‘hey, we’re thinking about you. Your community is thinking about you.

Pulliam says she launched ‘Send a Smile: Adopt a Grandparent‘ where anyone can purchase a balloon bouquet for $10. The goal is to remind those who feel alone–that they’re not. And the community is really showing up to show some love. So far, 700 grandparents from 19 different facilities have been adopted.

The phones have been ringing off the hook, and Pulliam couldn't be happier. She said -

We’re accepting the donations all the way up until Valentine’s. If everyone wants to keep donating, we will keep accepting them.

So like I said, it's really important we spread some extra love to those who might not haven't gotten much interaction or visitors these past months.

To find more information on how to "Send a Smile" follow this link.

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