Beer drinkers, you might be getting some of your booze money back. You might get as much as $50.00 thanks to Beck's Beer.Time is running out for you to stake your claim. Thrillest reports that three Becks beer drinkers feel that they were misled by the beer company and thus have filed a class action lawsuit.

The drinkers told a court that the "German" beer company made a claim that led the consumer to believe the beer had been created in the century-old brewery in Europe. The beer is indeed produced in the good ole USA. In fact, it is brewed and packaged in St. Louis, Missouri. yes, this is the exact same brewery that Budweiser is made.

Thrillest reports:

Anyone who bought Beck's for the past half-decade is entitled to as much as a $50 refund per household -- with a $1 refund per 12-pack, and a whopping 50 cents per six-pack. While the terms of the suit require those seeking a refund to provide proof of purchase, the original complainers and their high-powered lawyers are lobbying to make it possible to receive the full refund, even without a receipt. For now, those without receipts will be capped at a mere $12... but remember, this is without any real proof of purchase.

If you want a cool $12, you can file your claim HERE. Note, the deadline top submit your information is November 20th. Take your $12 and buy more beer!