Leave it to Beaver or should I say beavers? There are two beaver parents who just had 6 beaver babies as a new video shows out of a Midwest zoo.

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A Minnesota zoo through Storyful just shared the first video of 6 little beavers. Here's the backstory from the share on YouTube:

Six North American beavers were born at a zoo in Apple Valley, Minnesota, on June 9 and were “doing well,” the Minnesota Zoo announced on June 15. The kits were born to Randy and Gina and were expected to emerge out into their enclosure in July, zoo officials wrote on Facebook.

You'll see Gina and the young ones and eventually Randy who's been tasked with helping build the nest appear.

The Minnesota Zoo shared more details on Facebook and their official website:

Congratulations to the newest parents at the #MNZoo, Randy and Gina, the North American beavers! The six beaver kits were born on June 9 and are doing well. Mom and Dad can be seen in the beaver pond on the Minnesota Trail, while the kits are expected to emerge next month.

If you're up for a beaver visiting road trip, Minnesota Zoo is basically southern Minneapolis. I don't know if I'd make a special trip, but if I happened to be in town for a Vikings or Twins game, why not stop by the zoo, too?

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