This is kind of like kicking a man when he's down but Mitchell Trubisky was pretty much named the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.

Trubisky was tied for 30th with Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati Bengals, one spot behind Drew Lock of the Denver Broncos and two behind Dwayne Haskins of the Washington Redskins. Both Lock and Haskins are rookies. Ouch.

Ali Bhanpuri on

I want Trubisky to be successful. I really do. But I think after the season we just saw from the former No. 2 overall pick, the best and most practical way for this franchise to extract more out of that position is to add some real competition this offseason. I guarantee Bears fans would much rather GM Ryan Pace backtrack than continue doubling down on a mistake.

If the Bears bring in "real competition" in 2020 for the starting quarterback job, rumors are Andy Dalton might be in the running to join the team.

The same Andy Dalton that tied Trubisky as the 30th worst quarterback in the NFL.

Chicago Bears fans have got to love seeing Dalton as an option, but only if you're actually a Green Bay Packers fan. Because the thought of Dalton "competing" with Trubisky for the starting job sounds like a lose-lose proposition for the Bears and their fans.

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