It has been a topic of national discussion and a local one. Should players stand for the anthem? Should they be allowed to kneel in protest? Honestly, no matter your stance, you'll be stuck between a rock and a hard place morally. Financially, is an entirely different question.

Personally, I hate thinking about this whole thing. I agree with the message the players are trying to get out with their protests. But, I absolutely hate the way they are executing it. I don't think they're any less patriotic because of it, nor do I think it's disrespectful to the military. My problem is that their protest, to me, attacks the image of freedom. The flag, national anthem, statue of liberty, and even the pledge of allegiance are symbols of freedom.

Honestly, I think many Americans take these symbols for granted today. But, when you see someone "fresh off the boat," and you see the reaction in their eyes to these symbols of freedom, you have a better appreciation for what they stand for. Now, you could argue that these symbols aren't equal to all. You'd be right. But, that's a beef for the people in charge. Our lawmakers, police, and other institutions. Not the symbols themselves. The NFL Players Association is not happy with the new policy and I'd bet my bottom dollar that there will be a legal battle very soon over this new policy.

No matter how this turns out. We ALL need to take a deep breath and remember we are ALL Americans and we're on the same side.

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