Everyone loves to spend their summer days poolside or at the beach, but it seems there is always that one person or thing that manages to annoy us. Better check this list of the top things NOT to do this summer if you want to avoid being "the annoying beach or pool person."

To me the biggest beach annoyance is when people are smoking near my daughter, and then putting their cigarette butts out in the sand. If you've gotta smoke, smoke. Just don't leave your butts behind, and be aware of your surroundings, please.

Apparently my feelings aren't too far off from the findings of a recent Trip Advisory survey about annoying beach and pool behavior which lists beach chair hogging as the top thing that has the most people beachin'. Get it? Beachin'....never mind.

Besides beach chair hogging, blasting loud music, smoking, and urinating in the water were listed as the top annoying beach and pool etiquette violations.

Here's some other findings from the survey:

  • 53% of travelers say its o.k. to urinate in the ocean if other swimmers aren't near
  • 24% of travelers say its wrong for women to wear skimpy bikinis
  • 35% of travelers say men should not wear Speedos
  • 82% of travelers believe that smoking should be prohibited around the pool, while 62% would like to see it banned on the beach
  • 85% think it's unacceptable for a young child to go in the pool without a diaper on
  • 77% of travelers think this is unacceptable to ask a stranger to apply sunscreen for you
  • 65% consider it to be unacceptable to be drunk at the pool or beach

And...just to reiterate why urinating in the pool is extremely bad form, we think you need to watch this.