Something strange was spotted from Illinois all the way to Pennsylvania the other night. It wasn't a meteor, aliens, a chunk of the sun, or a shooting star.

So what was spotted high in the dark sky or Illinois this week?

WXYZ, Detroit
WXYZ, Detroit

Yes, the image above is from a home in Michigan but the object was seen by many across hundreds of miles.

Newsweek shared another perspective.

Credit: Newsweek
Credit: Newsweek

They also reported how many photos and videos of this event were submitted to the American Meteor Society.

12 videos and 13 photos of the fireball, logging them, though it was not a natural event.

The Crew Of Apollo 17 Took This Photograph Of Earth In December 1972 While The Spacecraf
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Hold on to your tin hats flat earthers, and conspiracy theorists, there is a logical explanation as to what was soaring through the sky.

Flat Earth
Credit: David Roberts

The "fireball" that was spotted just before midnight central time was actually a satellite reentering earth's atmosphere, according to Nasa Meteor Watch.

This event was not caused by a natural object; it was produced by the reentry and fragmentation of a satellite over that area of the country.


That is a very respectable question and it comes with an answer.

According to Newsweek, the falling object was a Russian surveillance satellite, launched last month.

The launch failed, Seradata Space Intelligence reported, leaving the satellite in a low-orbit with it struggling to climb to its intended 108-mile altitude above Earth. Instead, the Earth-imaging satellite's original orbit began to quickly decay and it failed to hold altitude.

Although there were reports of the objects falling apart over earth an astrophysicist says it is unlikely any remnants of the satellite landed on the group.

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