Some people love beer more than others, this story comes straight out of Rockford. According to, three men broke into a man' home and beat him with a baseball bat because he shorted them on beer, yes beer. The victim told police he was home and then he received a knock on the door. He answered the door and it was three of his friends, they told him they were upset over a money issue they had with the victim.

Winnebago county jail
Winnebago county jail

The Victim stated that the three men pushed him back into his apartment and started punching him in the face. The victim grabbed an aluminum baseball bat and tried to fight off his attackers but one of them was able to wrestle the bat away from him and struck him in the midsection with it. Finally he was able to push his attackers out of his home and he locked the door.

Two of the three men have been caught and are now in the Winnebago County Jail, including 41 year old Kenneth Litteral and 52 year old Marc Spence. The third suspect, Stephen Lewda has not been arrested yet. When the police asked why the altercation happened, one of the suspects said it was because the victim shorted them on beer. The two men arrested have been charged with Home Invasion causing injury. It's crazy, all that over a few beers

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