Lately our police officers have been getting a bad rap, so when I see or here about positive stories I have to talk about it.

Check out these random acts of kindness from area police officers.

WREX reports that Beloit police office Aaron Hall was recently caught on camera " at a local McDonald's providing a homeless man a free meal after picking him up and driving him to the restaurant. The Beloit Police Department said Officer Hall is a great guy who takes his own time and money to help Beloit be better."

Likewise in DeKalb, "Corporal Espy was caption on camera helping to change a flat tire. It was also reported that he drove the people he helped to Walmart so they could get a new tire and then put the new tire on for them.

Now both of these men truly went above and beyond the call of duty to serve and protect the people. They deserve a huge pat on the back and applause for their servant-hood.

To see the pictures, click here.

If you've witnessed or maybe even received an act of kindness like what was mentioned above, Q98.5 wants to know about it.

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