We are now less than 2 weeks away from Justin Moore's "Off The Beaten Path Tour"  at the BMO Harris Bank Center, so let's see how big of a Justin Moore fan you really are.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

How many of his songs titles can you find below?

One day a few years back off the beaten path in the backwoods of Wisconsin near my family's cabin, my husband and I were flyin' down a back road when he looked at me and said "let's pull over and chill out in the bed of my chevy, have a little beer time, and listen to the new album I just downloaded off of iTunes that my redneck side really likes." (Don't worry the beers stayed unopened until we got out of the truck. We don't need any police pointing guns at us.)

Spencer turns on outlaws like me and I thought "this is a good old American way to spend a summer day!"  Eventually the beer got warm, and we were tired of feeling like sunshine babies, so I told Spencer to back that thing up and get us back to the cabin because we promised my Grandpa we would take him out to dinner, and before that I wanted to bait a hook.

Later on we're lettin' the night roll at the lodge/bar at our lake cuz the town has run out of honky tonks, and we decide to play the jukebox. We impress the crowd and do some slow dancing to "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" and I say to Spencer how thankful I am that he will dance with me whenever I ask cuz that's how I know you love me. He responds with "darlin', I'll keep dancing with you til my last day." (Ok, he didn't really respond that way, but he does in my mind.)

The next day it's time to head home to small town U.S.A, also known as Rockford, IL and the only place I call home. I love my time spent at the cabin and live it up while I'm there like there's no tomorrow. I am so glad Spring is almost here, because that means the next stop is Summer, and I've got some lake livin' to do!

Now, I point at you with this question...do you have a hero in your life you would like to honor with an incredible experience with Justin Moore at the BMO? Tomorrow at noon (3/20) is the deadline to send in your nominations! Get all the details here and send me an email!

Oh, and one more thing...how many Justin Moore song titles have you found? Comment below and let me know!.I'll give ya the answer tomorrow morning!