For weeks I have struggled with the decision of whether to send my children to planned summer camps this year.

My children are bored doing the same kind of home entertainment and need some new scenery. They need to be with kids outside of our close family and friends...or do they? There lies the problem.

Kids need social interaction, of that there is no doubt, but is it wise to be exposing them to new people after being closed off for so many months? My husband works in healthcare, would my kids be exposing other children to something unknowingly if I sent them to camp this year? With so many unknowns floating around, my husband and I have ultimately decided not to send our kids to camp this year, but part of me still feels that decision was overly cautious.

If you too are struggling with deciding to send your kids to summer camp this year, perhaps this advice from a Chicago Tribune article will help;

Ultimately, it’s a personal decision that each parent has to make for their own children,” said Dr. Kiran Joshi, senior medical officer at the Cook County Department of Public Health. “The state of Illinois has released guidance for day camps, and it suggests with certain restrictions it is safe for children to participate.

Many parents desperately need summer camp options so they can continue to work and have a place for their kids to go. I hope you find comfort knowing that camps in the Rockford area are doing everything they can to follow health guidelines and keep your children safe. Camp group sizes are smaller, temperatures are being checked upon arrival at a lot of camps, extra attention is being paid to sanitation and hand washing, and the majority of activities will take place outdoors weather permitting.

My advice is do the research before you sign your kid up for camp. Find out mask requirements and activities planned. If your child can handle the restrictions and your family is comfortable with the situation, by all means send them!

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