I never even thought of the possibilities. Are Christmas trees bringing Dee Ticks, and other bugs into your home?  Here's something to think about.


Recently, New York health officials have warned that you could have some extremely unwelcome bugs in your home thanks to your Christmas tree.

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The New York State Department of Health stated that adult Deer Ticks are still in season, and will be until it gets really cold. They love trees, so they could totally be in your house now via tree. Depending on where you live, your tree could be hosting other pests as well -- aphids, spider mites, and even praying mantises have been known to come out of the woodwork. Not to mention squirrels if you have ever seen the movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".

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According to Headline News, "This problem is pretty rare, so odds are you will go on having a bug-free holiday. If you do spot a little friend, you can go ahead and vacuum it up. Experts say you shouldn't fumigate or spray your tree. Most of those types of products are flammable and it will cause more harm than good".

Best advise I can supply is to make sure you have your real Christmas tree placed in the "tree shaking machine" and to tap it a few times on the concrete before you bring it inside.

It will not only knock off the dead needles, but could save you headaches and pain down the road.

The other alternative is to go with the "fake" tree at you local home goods store.