When it comes to Christmas trees, is your traditional tree or holiday traditions like everyone else? Here are area traditions for Christmas Trees, colors, fake VS real and more. You will be somewhat surprised.


Christmas trees have been a symbol of Christmas for many years. Trees come in many sizes, types and colors. Is your tree part of the masses? Is your tradition what everyone else is celebrating?

Steve Summers, Townsquare Media Photo

According to Treetopia.com, "In every state, the single most popular color for an artificial Christmas tree is green, though there’s more to the story than that. Because Treetopia is the leading retailer of colorful Christmas trees, we have the unique position of being able to determine which non-traditional tree color is most popular in each state.

White trees tend to dominate the Midwest and South, while some Northeastern states prefer silver. In the west, colorful trees in pink, red, and orange dominate".

Two-thirds of US households display an Artificial tree and just fewer than 1 in 5 display a Real tree.

Tennessee, Florida, and West Virginia are the top spenders for artificial Christmas trees.

Households that display artificial Christmas trees are more likely to display more than one tree.

Steve Summers, Townsquare Media Photo

I have pretty much all traditions and areas covered in my house. Except the man tree above. You can't be to sure who will pop in during the holidays.