ALDI knows their boozy advent calendars are popular and that's why they changed up how they're handing them out in 2020.

Believe it or not, it looks like ALDI isn't making these changes because of the pandemic.

Actually, it's quite the opposite. Hoarding has been rampant in 2020. Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and meats are just a few things people have been snatching up in massive quantities.

At ALDI, hoarding advent calendars were a thing before the coronavirus hit the US.

That's because people were buying more advent calendars than necessary at ALDI. Meaning, people were getting in line early, like very early, at ALDI locations throughout the US, including Rockford, to buy as many as possible just so they could sell them on the internet.

That's crazy but then again, I'm not surprised. My wife is a big ALDI fan. Earlier this summer, she wanted a new backyard swing ALDI was selling and knew they were going to go quick. However, she couldn't make it that day but a friend, who is also a big ALDI fan, went to pick one up for her. My wife ended up with the swing, but her friend had to talk another customer, who was carrying three of them, into handing just one over.

That's for a backyard swing. The beer, hard seltzer, and wine advent calendars are ultra-popular in comparison.

So on November 4, when people line up at ALDI in Rockford and other stores, apparently there's going to be a ticketing system.

Knowing there's a ticketing system at ALDI for their advent calendars, are you going to pass this year?

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