A Rockford meteorologist wants to know, why do people like to dip fries into Frosty's?

For me, I have no idea how it started, maybe it was a friend who tipped me off to the deliciousness years ago, maybe it was a complete accident, but either way, count me in as a dude who loves to dip his fries into a Frosty.

It's probably a mixture of the salty and sweet that makes the idea of dunking your fries into a Frosty so appealing.

While I'm here for it, WIFR's Mark Henderson clearly is not. He snapped a photo of a sign on Friday at a Wendy's drive-thru where it asked customers to "ADD A FROSTY TO YOUR FRIES."

I'm glad to see Wendy's leaning into the odd but incredible combo, but Henderson asked "Why on Earth is this a thing?"

While some of the folks who responded to Henderson's Facebook post agreed with his stance, most people said "Yum," "Because it's delicious," and "That's the only reason to get a Frosty!"

Matter of fact, an overwhelming majority said they'd dunk their fries in a Frosty, shake, malt, or ice cream.

There was even one person who said they dip saltine crackers in shakes and ice cream. I'll usually get down with insane food combos, but that is where I draw the line.

So what about you? Are you all about the fries and Frosty combo?

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