Football season is underway and soon Hockey will be starting. That makes me happy!

However, being a female fan of these sports does have some annoying realities.

I thought this was a great humorous take on what we, ladies, know as the annoying realities of being a female sports fan?

1. We are capable of being into sports for reasons beyond impressing some guy.

Also, don't ask me who I think is cute on the team. As if that's the only reason I'm watching. Ok, I'll admit there are some really cute players but I'm not watching it just for that.

2. We don’t need explanations for every play; we actually know what’s happening from our own know-how.

I agree. If I'm watching the sport, I obviously know the rules or what is going on.

3. Stop giving us pop quizzes once we mention our favorite teams.

Just because I don't know every players stats doesn't mean I don't know the team or the game right ladies.

4. Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean we want jerseys to be all pink and bedazzled.

I agree with this also. I like pink, but I don't want my teams' jersey, tee, or sweatshirt pink and jeweled. I want to wear the colors.

5. This isn’t a bandwagon or a phase.

Very true, I'm watching because I like this team. It's not the flavor of the month or season because they are doing great and winning.

Now ladies do you agree with this? Have any of the above mentioned situations happened to you? Obviously, judging by my comments, you know that it has happened to me. HA!

Oh and guys, just be happy with the fact this lady along side you is enjoying the game as much as you.