We're all worried about everything during this COVID-19 pandemic. We're worried about the state of our economy when this is all over. We're worried about our own jobs and livelihood. We're worried about how to get our hands on toilet paper as we're staring down at our last few rolls. We're worried about keeping our families safe and healthy.

With all this worry in our lives, we may forget some of the very scary problems that so many businesses like Summerfield Zoo in Belvidere are facing right now.


Back on March 25, Summerfield Zoo posted something on Facebook that completely broke my heart, and sadly, I bet the situation may be even more dire now.

If you are able, please make a donation today. Every little bit will help until we can all go in person to visit Summerfield's animals once again. Until then, make sure to visit Summerfield Zoo's Facebook daily to see video of their adorable animals loving life in the midst of all this craziness. Click here now to donate, please!

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