Here's a truth about me, I am absolutely and totally Christmas obsessed. During the holidays my house MUST look like the North Pole came and threw up inside it. My soul thrives on the joy, spirit and magic that the Christmas season brings, and now that I am a parent, Santa MUST rock the gift giving each year.

I don't consider my kids especially spoiled, but seeing their eyes light up on Christmas morning when they see what Santa left for them is our upmost priority.

Here comes the part where I need your help...

For WEEKS my oldest daughter has been saying all she wants Santa to bring her this year is a big Hatchimal and L.O.L Dolls. The request has been secured, and then she writes a letter to Santa at her grandparents' house the other day and completely wrecked my day.

Okay, maybe saying it wrecked my day is a bit dramatic, but it did create a huge problem. Ella wrote to Santa that all she wants a My Little Pony Castle, and now my husband and I are questioning how to handle the situation.

We have explained to our kids that they don't always get everything they ask for, that the lists they make are just wishes, but the possibility of Santa disappointing her is something we really struggle with. We just don't want Santa to lose his magic for her yet.

So,  to all of you parents that have trudged through these murky waters before, I ask you this: What do we do?!?

Do we have our house elf bring a letter explaining that the elves can't make/ don't have time to make the fancy pony castle?

Do we buy her the stinking pony castle and take the other stuff back?

Do we just add the castle to the loot she's already getting?

Do we sit down and explain again that Santa can't always bring what we want, but he always tries his very best?

Here's the responses I got when we talked about this situation on Facebook....


Looks like Santa's coming to town with a My Little Pony castle this year. Thanks for making feel less guilty about giving in and buying it. After all, they're only kids once, right?

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