Remember when Craigslist was the place to buy weird and random things and then Facebook showed up like, "Hold my beer."? Yeah, there are some really odd items for sale through Facebook Marketplace and in various groups.

Over in Mans Barter ILLINOIS one Illinois is selling what could be an awesome Halloween decoration or an awkward gift for someone. There's no clarification if this item has been... used... and I'm not sure I want to know. One thing is certain, it appears to have been "gently used." It isn't in terrible condition but certainly is not brand new, more like "new to you." And, the comments/questions about this item make this an entertaining listing. The number one question is the same as mine, is it used? Also, there are some great jokes buried in the comments. "You just know someone is dieing [sic] to have that.", one commenter posted. You'll also find jokes like, "Ima gonna need this soon..can I make payments?" and "That's the last thing I need." Perhaps the best joke was, "I need to measure my wife ill get back to you!"

If case you haven't picked up on the clues or couldn't figure out the picture, it's a casket. Yes, this cleary used casket is for sale and can be yours for the low price of $700.

Casket for sale.

If this enticing deal is worth a drive to Peru, Illinois, join Mans Barter Illinois, and scroll through the items for sale.

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