If you think the power the pen on paper has no merit or validity in these technological days, think again.

An eight year wrote a letter to Hasbro to ask why there were no female game pieces in the new Star Wars Monopoly game.

ABC7 Chicago reports that eight year old Annie Rose Goldman from Evanston, IL, "couldn't understand why Rey - a main character in "The Force Awakens" - was omitted from the game."

Annie wrote Hasbro to ask "why there are no female characters in the "Star Wars" version of Monopoly, because girls matter."

Well because Annie wrote them Hasbro is changing up their game, literally. Rey will be added to the game later this year.

How's that for girl power? Good for you Annie. Wow! she's only eight and commanded Hasbro's attention, she's going to be person to watch as she grows up. Keep asking questions Annie and never stop.