I don't know how you feel, but January is always a let down for me. All the holiday decorations are down, it's cold outside, and nothing fun is happening. Things get even worse if you have set a New Year's weight loss resolution for yourself, and have decided to make this month a "dry January" due to your overindulgence during the holiday season. Before you decide to hide under the covers and wait for the month to be over, check out this list from Blisstree.com of 20 ways to distract yourself during the boringness of January.

  1. Start binge watching something on Netflix.
  2. Make a DIY Pinterest project, or two..or three...
  3. Learn how to cook, or master a new recipe.
  4. Read a book or join a book club.
  5. Go to the gym more, or get outside and run.
  6. Take the money you're saving by being booze free and treat yourself to a nice dinner or show.
  7. Host a sober game night.
  8. Go to a bar with friends, and don't drink. Entertain yourself by watching the drunk antics of everyone else.
  9. Try a juice cleanse. You're already doing the healthy thing this month, so why not.
  10. Write down everything you have been doing or improving this month while not drinking. It may be beneficial for the months to come as well.
  11. Go see a movie.
  12. Offer to be someone's designated driver. Friends don't let friends drive drunk, plus now they will owe you one.
  13. Sleep in and remember how wonderful it is.
  14. Reorganize your home or closets.
  15. Become a morning person, and see how much more you can accomplish in a day.
  16. Drink more water.
  17. Volunteer somewhere.
  18. Plan your next vacation.
  19. Schedule a physical to see the benefits of your dedication to being healthy.
  20. Get a side job or help out a friend.