The 2015 Triple Crown winner, American Pharaoh, ran the sixth fastest Belmont Stakes ever last Saturday, but how would he fare against Secretariat's record-setting triple crown winning run in 1973?

I love watching horse racing, and I was amazed as I watched American Pharoah's wire-to-wire win at the Belmont last weekend. To me, the horse looked a little tired, and I thought for sure his lead would drop off at the end. I was glad he proved me wrong.

To this day the name "Secretariat" gets mentioned constantly in horse racing. You've seen his movie, so you know that horse was amazing! Secretariat still holds the fastest race time for the Belmont Stakes, but how close would a race between these two amazing horses actually be?

Thank you, Wall Street Journal for providing us with the proof.


The last question I have left is...will American Pharaoh gets his own movie now? I bet he will.