In 2016 Amazon added monthly prime memberships, two years later they are increasing their price on monthly prime memberships.

Friday, January 19th Amazon Prime announced the Prime membership price change. According to CNN Amazon's yearly price for Prime subscriptions will stay the same at $99. The change will only affect the pockets of those who have not committed to the whole year. Monthly memberships will have an increase of $10.99 to $12.99.

This means that if you pay monthly and keep your Prime membership all year, you are now paying $155.88 a year! That extra $2 a month adds up. Current Amazon Prime members will not see the price hike until February 19th, new memberships are affected now.

Lucky for me, my dad lets the whole family use his account. If your paying month to month, it might be worth making the switch to an annual membership or splitting the cost with a family member. Then use that $50 bucks you just saved to buy yourself something pretty.

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