If you haven't jumped on the selfie-crazy train yet, you may be soon if you want an easy way to pay while shopping on Amazon. 

According to mashable.com, Amazon has filed a patent for face-recognizing technology that would allow us to take a selfie via webcam to pay for our purchases on their website. Say what?!? I'm not sure if this is an ingenious idea, or if it just opens the door for even more online fraud and identity theft?

Well, at least I am wrong on the latter. The patent cites the need for better security measures for one-click buying methods, and the developers feel this new facial recognition technology would accomplish exactly that.

Basically, once you have filled your Amazon cart with all kinds of goodies, you would turn on your webcam, and perform a basic command like tilt your head or wink to complete your checkout process. This live action command would prove you are a live person, and make it hard for thieves to make fraudulent purchases with you account.


United States Patent and Trademark Office


I guess the days of shopping in my jammies with no makeup on will soon be over, as I am assuming your face needs to look similar each time for verification, and I look super scary without mascara. Dang!