I hate the fact that some of my favorite restaurants never offer coupons or discounts. Why? Because their food is so good, they never have to, so when I saw this deal pop up, It got my attention.

Since Portillo's opened in Rockford a three years back and in Sycamore many years ago, I have scanned the paper and on-line looking for deals. Now, I have to admit their food is quite pricey, but always worth it, but you never find a coupon deal or a discount.

So, when I saw that Portillo's was offering it's signature chocolate cake slice for 54 cents for one day, I jumped for joy, and by doing so I burned about 10 calories. Keep in mind one slice of this chocolate delight will set you back about 354 calories, so, I just need to jump up and down 35 times and I'll work off the cake.

Portillo's chocolate cake is my all-time second favorite, after Marciano's. So here is what you need to know. On Thursday, April 6, to commemorate Portillo's 54th anniversary, all restaurant locations will offer up 54 cent slices of it's double layer chocolate cake for the day. Normally the cake goes for $3.00 a slice.  Sorry, it's only one slice per person, while supplies last, Darn!

Here is a preview for anyone who as never tried a slice of chocolate heaven.

Now,  if you've driven by the Rockford Portillo's on State and Mulford, you probably always see lines around the place most times of the day, so expect very long lines this Thursday.

Hey,  chocolate cake fans, tell me what restaurant in town serves up the best chocolate cake?



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