Apparently, the adoptable dogs at a Henderson, N.C., animal shelter are country fans!

A Vance County, N.C., animal control officer and former touring musician named Chad Olds briefly became the headlining performer at a "sold-out show" on Feb. 13, when he broke out his guitar and serenaded a room of adoptable dogs with Alan Jackson's "Like Red on a Rose." The pups seemed to enjoy the performance: They instantly calmed down.

"They just stopped barking," Olds recalled to Today in a story about the performance. "It blew my mind."

Research suggests that shelter dogs may benefit from calming music, as it eases the high tensions that result in a group of animals, many of whom come from uncomfortable living situations and may be malnourished or fearful, in an unfamiliar environment. However, Olds and his boss Frankie Nobles had no idea the dogs would react as dramatically as they did. The shelter plans to incorporate music into its enrichment program, which also includes toys and treats and is intended to keep the dogs energetic and happy as they await adoption.

The shelter posted a video of Olds' performance to the Friends of Vance County Animal Shelter's Facebook page on Tuesday, where it amassed nearly 400,000 views by the end of that week. Even Jackson, the country star whose song Olds performed, shared the clip. Readers can see the adorable video for themselves by pressing play above.

Old and Nobles told Today that they plan to continue posting video footage of the performances in order to inspire other shelters in incorporate music into their dogs' lives, as well as to bring more attention to the dogs themselves, and hopefully get them adopted. "We want to find them homes," Olds said.

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