If visiting unique breweries throughout the country is your jam, you have to make a stop at AL. Ringling Brewing Co. in Baraboo, Wisconsin!

Home of Ringling Brothers Circus

For those that don't know, Baraboo, Wisconsin is the birthplace of Ringling Brothers Circus, and the city's circus love runs deep.

The original site of Ringling Brothers Circus from 1884-1918 is in Baraboo, and is now home to a massive tourist destination called Circus World that's dedicated to collecting and celebrating "important treasures of the American Circus".

Circus World isn't the only place you can "clown" around in Baraboo though, there's another cool circus attraction to visit that specializes in BEER!

Baraboo, Wisconsin's Circus-Themed Brewery

In Baraboo, Wisconsin you will find the historic mansion home of Al Ringling, the eldest brother of the famous Ringling Brothers. This 20,000 square foot mansion was built in 1906 and is now open for pubic tours, overnight stays, and even ghost tours!

AL. Ringling Brewing Company via Facebook
AL. Ringling Brewing Company via Facebook

Attached to the back of the AL. Ringling Mansion is where you will find a unique brewery called AL. Ringling Brewing Company.

If you're thinking, "hold up, beer is not one of the first things you think of in regards to a circus", there's a pretty fascinating connection to beer and Al Ringling.

According to an article from Only In Your State;

The Ringling family enjoyed a pint or two. Years after Al passed, a beer recipe was discovered under the floorboards of the mansion. “The Ringling Family Original” inspired a brewery that’s a must-visit spot in Baraboo.

The AL. Ringling Brewing Company always has 19 different beers on tap, which change up regularly, but always includes the "Ringling Original". (You can see their current Tap List, here). The brewery also features a full food menu, ciders, wines, seltzers, an outdoor patio, games, live music, special events, and more.

Need another awesome reason to visit AL. Ringling Brewing Company? They have a FREE bacon night!

Do I have you hooked now? I thought so.

Learn more about the AL. Ringling Brewing Company and historical Mansion at alringlingbrewing.com.

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