There's something special about downtown Rockford. No matter what type of event happening when there's a big crowd the diversity in our city is evident. Many will agree there's a true sense of community when witnessing all walks of life enjoying what the city's riverfront has to offer.

Rockford City Market is especially notable when it comes to folks gathering every Friday evening during the warmest season of the year. Yes, there is shopping (and lots of it), there is food (and lots of it), and entertainment as far as the ears can hear. But ultimately, and for the sake of this article, it's the people that make Rockford City Market the success that it is.


On a personal note, I love the sense of community at Rockford City Market. Event-goers gather within a few block radius to enjoy food, drinks, shopping, music, and it has nothing to do with your gender, sexuality, political views, religion, or economic status. We're all there for one purpose, to enjoy life.

The proof of that previous statement lies within your eyes. Go downtown, find a spot, and just observe humankind. Ignore the protestors and focus on the community and, even if just for a moment, you'll feel a warmth within your heart.

There's a video of Rockford City Market that is gaining momentum and well on its way to going viral for all the right reasons.


Daniel Aldana shared a video of a nameless child showing pure joy and stellar dance moves. In this video, you'll notice a crowd take witness and adults join in. It's well worth a watch and even a share.

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