If you believe in the golden rule "to do unto others as we'd like to do unto us", then being kind and thoughtful doesn't take a whole lot of effort or money.

Take a look at these small acts of kindness that can go a long way.

Buzz Feed  made a list of the Ten Small Acts of Kindness, that we can do right now to make others days.

For instance:

- On a hot day give your postal carrier or maybe even the UPS driver a cold drink to cool them down. Or on cold days offer a hot beverage.

- When you receive great service from a sales person tell the manager about them.

- When you know your friend or co-worker has to stay late at the office order and send a pizza or food to them for dinner.

To see the complete simple list of kind acts that don't cost a lot but can mean so much to others click here.

Also, if you know some one who has done an act of kindness to you or others, we want to know about them. See the Wake Up Crew is rewarding Good Deed Doers here in the stateline and we need your help to point them out to us.

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