The new home of a Hookah Lounge in Rockford is a former abandoned bank building location.

I Was Just Discussing Abandoned Buildings In Rockford

I was just talking about this issue last week. Rockford has way too many abandoned buildings. Check out my story about it, HERE.

This particular place I am going bring up specifically is close to my neighborhood. In fact, it used to be my bank. It was a BMO Harris Bank and before that an Amcore Bank branch.

Abandoned BMO Harris Bank (Alpine) In Rockford (Photo from Mall Aholic Retail YouTube Channel)

It is located at Alpine Village Mall by South Alpine Road and Harrison Avenue. I liked going to that BMO because it was much smaller and I could usually get in and out easily.

There was not a surprise when it closed down because another BMO branch is just a few blocks away at Colonial Village Mall by South Alpine Road And Newburg Road.

Honestly, I did not have much hope that a new business would open up in the location. The building is small and in a weird spot at that strip mall.

Here is a closer look at it...

Video: Abandoned BMO Harris Bank. Rockford IL

Hookah Lounge Opening In Rockford

Over the weekend, I drove by the former BMO Harris Bank business and something caught my eye. There was a new sign hanging up.

Photo By Double T
Photo By Double T

In my thought of what caught possibly open there, a Hookah Lounge never crossed my mind. At least someone is taking a chance with that real estate.

I checked the old Google machine and could not find out anything about the Hookah Lounge but I am sure it will be coming soon when it is ready to open.

What Is A Hookah Lounge?

What is a "Hookah?"

According to,

"A tobacco pipe of Near Eastern origin with a long, flexible tube by which the smoke is drawn through a jar of water and thus cooled."

Then what is a "Hookah Lounge?"

Video: Hookah Lounges: What Are They Like?

According to,

"A business that rents hookahs for smoking flavored tobacco on the premises."

Are they allowed in Rockford?

According to,

"The hookah ordinance passed through committee."

You might remember this famous "Hookah" scene from "Alice in Wonderland."

Video: alice and the hookah

Can You Guess The Abandoned Rockford Business?

Can You Guess The Abandoned Rockford Business?

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