What is it like to be on the same floor, just a few doors down, from Lamar Odom and the Kardashians? Glenda Jewell and her family from Wisconsin have been caught in middle and they don't like it.


Sara Cooper, Glenda Jewell's 30-year-old daughter, is also being treated in the intensive care unit at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center. It's the same unit that is treating Lamar Odom, the former NBA player and reality TV star who was found unconscious this week and in a coma.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

According to The Chicago Tribune "Bedlam broke loose even before Odom arrived. The night he got here, they told us that a celebrity was coming in and that we would have to stay in the room on lock-down for two to three hours, but they weren’t sure how long it would be. They said we wouldn’t be able to leave the room unless we had permission.”

it doesn't sound like an Intensive Ward with frequent visitors, lot's of loud talking, crowded elevators, tons of security on hand checking family members and visitors of other patients.

George Cooper, who is caring for his wife on the same floor, summed it up best. "I could care less whether it’s Obama or whoever is here, just as long as my wife is getting the care she needs,” as stated in The Chicago Tribune.