As The city continues to develop the down town area, there's talk of a possible white water rafting park to replace the old vacant lot from the former Rockford Electric Company.

WREX reports that over the last year and a half ComEd has been cleaning up the area that was the former site of the Rockford Electric Company.They are discussing giving this land back as well as Fordam Dam back to the city "as part of the plan that will go along with the hotel being planned, the sports center." To continue to bring more people to the downtown area.
The idea  of making the property a white water rafting park has been tossed out there as a strong possibility. however, in order to do that "the city would have to pay for it all or find a partner. The Department of Natural Resources says if the city goes forward with those plans, it'll have to work with them on getting the necessary permits."

Rob Wilhelmi, Rockford's Neighborhood Standards Supervisor, says the city wants as much community input as possible on projects like this one.

Currently, the ComEd owns the property but the city could take possession of by early 2016, once all paperwork has been done and the EPA has approved the cleanup.

Hmmm... that's kind of interesting. I think it's cool if it happens. It'll certainly add more to the city along the waterfront and give the residents even more things to do downtown.

What are your thoughts?